Frequently asked questions

This is the place where I constantly add content to answer frequently asked questions.

Is a paid/limited service?

Downloading photos and videos on is totaly free. Not limits!

Why is video playing instead of downloading?

If you hit the download button and your browser started playing the video instead of downloading it, hit pause then Right Click on the video and choose Save as... finally choose the location where you'd like to save the video.

Where are photos and videos saved after download?

Photos and videos are usually saved under "Downloads" folder but you may change this path when you use Save As option.

Is it legal to download photos and videos from social media?

Absolutely. It is 100% safe and legal to download photos and videos from social media networks like every other publicly available data in the Internet. But you should always respect author’s rights when you download copyrighted content. Use this content either for personal purposes or for non-commercial needs with proper mention and authorisation from the author.